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We will work closely with you to identify and satisfy requirements ranging from specific designs for electrical connectors and switches to investigations of the causes of failure of connectors and switches, and product roadmapping. We pride ourselves in a work ethic that emphasizes speed and the highest quality of service based on our extensive experience and a large database on all aspects of electrical connectors and switches.
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  • Electrical Connector and Switch Design:

    • Separable and Permanent Electronic Connectors for Transportation, Communications, Computer and Consumers Applications
    • Insulation Displacement Connectors
    • Rotary and Other Connector Types
    • Bolted, Compression and Wedge Connectors for Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Applications
    • Insulation Piercing Connectors
    • Spring Connectors
    • MEMS Contacts
    • Electrical and Electronic Connectors of Unconventional Design to Satisfy Function-Specific Applications
    • Low-current and high-current switches

  • Connector/Switch Characterization Services:

    • Resolution of Corrosion Problems in Electrical Connectors
    • Surface Finish in Electrical Connectors: Processes and Characterization (Electroplates, Interdiffusion, Surface Roughness, etc)
    • Connector/Switch Failure Analysis
    • Connector/Switch Materials Selection
    • Metallurgy of Connector/Switch Materials
    • Selection of Connector Lubricants or Corrosion Inhibitors
    • Friction and Mechanical Wear in Separable and Stationary Connectors
    • Connector/Switch Testing
    • Test Reports

  • Important Additional Services:

    • Design and Coordination of Connector and Switch Development Programs
    • Stagegating for Connector and Switch Product Development
    • Design and Coordination of Testing Programs
    • Product/Technology Roadmapping
    • In-House Seminars and Training in Connector/Switch Science and Engineering, and Related Topics
    • Expert Witness Representation in Litigation Involving Electrical and Electronic Connectors, and Associated Devices and Materials
    • Retrieval of Technical Literature and Patents on Electrical Connection Devices and Related Applications
    • Interpretation and Executive Summary of Retrieved Technical Literature and Patents on Electrical Connectors