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We will work closely with you to identify and develop surface modification techniques and processes, and surface coatings, to enhance the mechanical, electrical and the tribological properties of engineering surfaces. All surface modification procedures are carried out at laboratory and testing facilities with close ties to TSMT and under TSMTís strict guidance and supervision. All modified surfaces are characterized in accordance with a prescription defined by the designated end-use. Characterization techniques include measurements of surface roughness, composition depth profile using XPS/APS, metallurgical structure of modified surface layers, SEM/TEM analyses, surface microhardness and/or nanohardness, mechanical wear testing, corrosion resistance etc.

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  • Coating Materials Selection
  • A Wide Variety of Surface Coating Technologies (see Slideshow)
  • Surface Finish and Surface Characterization
  • Friction and Wear Properties of Coatings
  • Metallurgical Characterization of Coatings and Substrates
  • Failure Analysis of Coatings
  • Design and Coordination of Development Programs Relating to Surface
  • Modification Technologies
  • In-House Training in Surface Modification Technologies and Related Topics
  • Expert Witness Representation in Litigation Involving Surface Modification Technologies and Surface Coatings
  • Retrieval of Technical Literature and Patents on Surface Modification Technologies and Related Topics
  • Interpretation and Executive Summary of Retrieved Technical Literature and Patents on Surface Modification Technologies and Related Topics